Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Components Required for Internet Connection

The internet is the world largest computer network, which connects a large number of computers. Basic requirements to connect a computer to the internet are:
1. computer system
2. Software
4. connection
Computer system
The internet can be connected with the computer having at least 486 processor. The computer must have a hard disk with at 200 MB free space to store temporary files of the Internet. Computer system having multimedia technology is preferable to get better performance.
Hardware along cannot be used to connect a computer to the internet. Software plays a vital role for this purpose. The computer connected to the internet should have TCL/IP or Transmission control protocol or internet protocol, which is used to make communication between the user’s computer and other computers in the internet. Another important software is dialer software that deals the user’s computer to the server and establishes a connection between the user’s computer and the internet. Besides these, web browser is the essential software that is installed in user’s computer to search the information through the internet. Searching information from the internet is called browsing or surfing. Common browsers used for the internet are internet explorer and Netscape navigator.

MODUM is another essential device to access the internet in your computer. It is a device that converts the digital signals of your computer to the analog signals and passes through the telephone line and again converts the analog signals of the telephone line to the digital signals and passes to the computer. The performance of the internet depends upon the computer. The performance of the internet depends upon the speed of the MODEM. The speed of the MODEM is measured in kilobits per second (kbps). Most common MODEM available in the market is with the speed of 56K. there are two types of MODEM Internal and External. The internal MODEM is a card, which is installed on the slot of the motherboard whereas the external modem is a box like device used to connect the computer system and the telephone line or other lines for its operation.


Most common connection between a computer and the internet is done using normal telephone line, which is called dile-up networking. Beside this, other connections such as ISDN (integrated services Digital Network), cable line, leased line and satellite connection, can be used to connect a computer to the internet. Some the popular internet connections are explained below: